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TERCOO is a rotating disk for the removal of rust, paint, tar, epoxy, paint, and adhesives from various materials such as steel, iron, concrete or stone surfaces.


Powered by a standard drill*, it quickly and effectively removes rust and all types of coatings, even tar, because the TERCOO Rotating Blaster causes no heat!          (*Multi 8 disk requires special tool)




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How does Tercoo work? 


Tercoo® is a natural rubber disk with 12 hard metal (tungsten carbide) tips (pins).  The tips are at a certain angle to the centre of the disk.  During operation, the centrifugal force created by the rotational speed of the drill causes the flexible rubber disk to react in such a way, that a “hammer effect” is created with the tungsten carbide tips.  This movement ensures that the tips clean the surface perfectly, removing all contaminants and other old coatings.  The hammer effect creates no heat, so tough materials such as tar, adhesives and sealants will be easily removed.  This is an entirely opposite concept compared to other tools.  Other tools use friction to remove contaminants (steel brush etc) which produce a lot of heat and work ineffectively with bitumen based products, tar, adhesives, tectyl etc.


In other words, it does not matter what the coating, Tercoo® will always clean it.  The result is a sandblasted surface with the appropriate texture suitable for the proper adhesion of new protective coatings.





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